Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure ” Perfect for common ailments such as headache, insomnia, back pain, frozen shoulder and sciatica...

Skin Care

Cold laser and microdermabrasion treatments will leave your skin smooth, supple, and more youthful looking. You will be impressed with the results!

Light Therapy

Pulsed Light is the most profound, safe, non-invasive way to 'enlighten’ your cells.

Location & Hours

215 - 1118 Homer Street

Mon to Fri: 9:30 am - 6:30 pm
Sat: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sun: On special request

1038 Hamilton St

Available by appointment at White Orchid Rejuvenation Centre

Welcome to Active Shiatsu!

Mission: provide services that create a lively and healthy physical environment with higher levels of quality and care, where your health is heightened. I believe the best outcome is based on compassion, trust, convenience, and value for your overall totality of wellbeing.

I am passionate about Shiatsu Therapy and my practice, and committed to the well being of my clients. I have treated clients with many different health conditions – Shiatsu therapy has helped them maintain a healthy body and improved their sense of well being.

Eva Crudo is a Shaitsu therapist with over 8 years of experience in health, nutrition, and herbology. During this time she has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the beauty industry, providing professional and personal service to her clients. Eva Crudo practices Shiatsu Healing Massage, Light Therapy, Cold Laser and Microdermabrasion in Yaletown, Vancouver BC, Canada.

What People Are Saying…

"Eva is knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about what she does and provides a friendly and safe atmosphere which helps to provide soothing and fast healing."


"I am an avid runner and as such run at least 25km/wk. Putting that kind of distance in every week can be hard on the knees, back and muscles so it was no surprise when my left knee began to ache after every run. The pain got to the point where it was difficult walk up and down stairs. I needed relief so I contacted Eva at Active Shiatsu for help. After one treatment of Shiatsu massage my knee was feeling better and with her advice on how to maintain a healthy running routine through stretching and strength training the pain has not returned. Thank you!"


"I had chronic pain in my lower back due to a snowboarding/ski accident which left me unable to sit for long periods, I was afraid my snowboarding days were over. A friend recommended I try Active Shiatsu. Eva had me walking again after my second treatment. I continue to see her for maintenance and love how accommodating and professional she is. She's also a wealth of information for health and nutrition. I can't imagine not being able to rely on shiatsu and especially Active Shiatsu for my weekly treatments. Thank you Eva for everything you do."
- Google Reviewer